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Phoenix Filtration: Tower Press Filter Systems

Pressure Filtration Solutions

Phoenix Filtration, Inc., based in Wilmington, Delaware, has led industrial filtration solutions since 2005. We are an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and reseller specializing in providing the mining, chemical, food processing, and wastewater industries with high-quality pressure and vacuum filtration systems.

Our expertise and large network of resources to refurbish tower press filter systems have made us a trusted partner in the industry. We enable our customers to achieve 40% cost savings on our refurbished systems compared to OEMs of the same equipment.

Introduction to Tower Press Filter Systems

We at Phoenix Filtration understand the importance of an efficient filtration system in various industrial processes. Our tower press filter systems, also known as tower filter press systems, are conditioned to handle the most demanding of slurry filtration applications. Whether they are serving the mining, chemical processing, or wastewater industries, they effectively and precisely separate solids and liquids.

What is a Tower Press Filter?

A tower press filter is a form of slurry filter system that utilizes high pressure in order to separate solids from liquids. These systems consist of a series of filter plates which are arranged vertically to form a tower-like structure. As slurry is pumped into the filter press, pressure forces the liquid through the filter media to leave the solid particles behind.

This efficient method of filtration is well-known for its high throughput and ability to produce dry filter cakes, ultimately reducing costs and improving the overall efficiency of the process. These slurry filter press systems are designed to handle all sorts of slurry types and are customizable to meet the needs of specific industries, making them versatile and essential in many industrial applications.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High Efficiency and Throughput

The tower press filter systems we offer are engineered for maximum efficiency. Their vertical design allows for continuous operations, ensuring high throughput and minimal downtime. Thanks to their robust construction and capabilities of working with high pressures, they’re suitable for handling a variety of slurry types, from fine particulate suspensions to coarse solids.

  • Cost Savings and Reduced Downtime

Our refurbished tower press filter systems offer significant cost savings compared to purchasing new equipment. By refurbishing and rebuilding these systems, we offer solutions that match, if not exceed, the quality of OEM equipment with a 40% saving on cost. Our processes involve thorough cleaning, replacement of worn parts, and the addition of the latest technology to produce equipment that performs like new.

  • Customizable Solutions

Every industry and application has unique filtration needs. At Phoenix Filtration, we offer customizable tower press filter systems tailored to meet specific requirements. Whether it’s adjusting the filter media type, modifying the plate configuration, or integrating advanced control systems, we work closely with our clients to deliver solutions that enhance their operational efficiency.

Applications of Tower Press Filter Systems

  • Mining Industry

In the mining industry, to recover valuable minerals and manage waste products, efficient slurry filtration is essential. Our tower filter press systems are commonly used to filter copper concentrate, gold, silver, molybdenum, zinc, lead, and sand. With their design optimization, they are able to perform reliably in the harsh conditions that are typical in mining operations.

  • Chemical Industry

Given that the chemical industry often faces aggressive substances and complex mixtures, many applications require precise and effective filtration. Our tower press filter systems are configured to handle these applications, which include titanium dioxide, catalysts, pigments, and methanol. Our systems provide reliable separation and ensure that the final product meets stringent quality standards.

  • Food Processing Industry

Adhering to FDA compliance standards and maintaining product purity are vital within the food processing industry. Our tower press systems can be used to effectively produce sugar, vegetable oil, sugar substitutes, and cornstarch. They help to guarantee that food products are free from contaminants that may affect the quality of the product and meet the highest safety standards.

  • Wastewater and Dewatering Applications

Effective waste dewatering is essential for environmental compliance and cost management. Phoenix Filtration provides tower press filter systems for wastewater treatment applications, including oil and gas industry sludge, sulfur removal, and other waste streams. Our systems help reduce the volume of waste, lower disposal costs, and reclaim valuable resources.

Advantages of Choosing Phoenix Filtration

  • Extensive Industry Experience

Phoenix Filtration has over 78 years of combined industry experience, allowing us to deliver comprehensive filtration solutions with expertise. Our team understands the distinctive challenges that different industries face and works to deliver systems that exceed your expectations.

  • Quality and Reliability

We place quality at the core of all our operations. Our tower press filter systems are refurbished to last by using the best quality materials and components. Each system undergoes a series of rigorous tests and to ensure they perform optimally and reliably. 

  • Customer-Centric Approach

By prioritizing our customers’ requirements and taking time to hear and understand each, we can provide solutions which are tailored to improve their operational efficiency. This customer-centric approach is what has earned us such an excellent reputation and long-term relationships with our customers.

  • Comprehensive Support and Services

Our services include complete product support, from equipment training and system consulting to stocking replacement parts. Our team is on hand to assist with start-up and commissioning, alongside operation, maintenance, and control training. We also provide customizable stocking programs to guarantee that you have access to spare parts, minimizing your downtime and keeping operations running smoothly.

Get Started with Phoenix Filtration’s Tower Press Filter Systems Today!

Phoenix Filtration is your trusted partner for tower press filter systems. Our commitment to providing the best solutions and products sets us apart within the industry. Whether you require a new system, a refurbishment, or are simply seeking for some expert advice, we’re ready to help you.

Contact us today at 302-998-8805 or to learn more about our tower press filter systems and replacement parts to see how we can help improve your tower press filtration processes.