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Valmet Filter Cloths

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Phoenix Filtration provides extensive service and replacement filters on a global scale. With experienced staff, the company is able to guide you to the right solution or replacement filter for your equipment. Phoenix Filtration is fully equipped to handle filter replacements for vacuum and pressure filter systems. Simply provide the serial number, and Phoenix is able to send a replacement filter to the equipment site. Phoenix Filtration maintains all records for filter specifications and has a complete facility to fabricate and stock replacements for both vacuum and pressure filters. Additionally, the company can provide on-site refurbishments and removal of old filters as well as offer replacements.

Valmet Filters

Valmet Filter Fabrics

Phoenix Filtration is an authorized supplier of Valmet Filters.

Filter fabrics for the mining industry

Valmet supplies Tamfelt Filter Cloth Brand fabrics to various processes employed in mining industries’ concentrating plants and in the metallurgical and chemical industries. Fabrics for the treatment of community and industrial waste water are also included in our program. High process temperatures, complex chemical environments and the variety of sludge set high special requirements on the fabrics.

The biggest product groups are:

Tamfelt Rolls
  • Cloths for automatic pressure filters
  • Disc filter bags and plastic sectors
  • Cloths and fabrics for horizontal belt filters
  • Fabrics for press filter presses
  • Press filter cloths
  • Drum filter cloths
  • Cloths for electrolysis
  • Fabrics for rotary table filters

The four main characteristics required of the filter fabrics are:

  • Clear filtrate
  • High capacity
  • Low cake moisture content
  • Long life time